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All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

Thermal Tags, Labels and Printers

The TyTags Australia thermal tags and label range includes the traditional Tyvek Tytags, the modern Duro Tytags, large Tree Tags, pot tags in five sizes and tough self-adhesive labels in many sizes.

The Tyvek Tytags, as well as being available on rolls for general use and thermal printing, also come as “tractor-feed” tags for dot matrix printing. These are fan-folded and available in a range of colours.

We can provide tags for all thermal printers on the market and can custom make to suit individual requirements.

Our thermal printer of choice
TyTags Australia has been providing complete thermal printing services for over 45 years.  Let's say that we know thermal printers from a user’s point of view! A number of years ago we commenced using the new TTP-344M Pro thermal transfer printer from TSC. As our printer of choice we recommend it to our customers for their own printing needs. 

Need your tags printed?
TyTags has prompt and dependable thermal printing services. Click here.

Customer Service
Our customer service is based on intimate knowledge of the printer and long experience of label production.

Thermal Tyvek TyTags


Thermal Tyvek TyTags


TEL: 02 49705842


  • Code: THL-TT-RL
  • Label size: 203 x 25.4mm
  • Pack style: Roll
  • Colour: Various
  • Minimum order: 2000 tags. Price per 2000 blank tags.


Proven over 40 years as the toughest, most durable and long-lasting tag on the market. Will not break down even under the harshest conditions. They last in the field for many years. 

At 203 x 25.4mm these tags are provided on rolls and are designed to be printed on high-speed thermal printing systems. The tags can be printed on both sides. 

Tyvek Tytags are typically used by vine, rose and advanced tree growers. They are also used in research, and in the food, mining, auto, building materials and spare parts industries. 

Available in white, purple, blue, yellow, orange, red, pink, green. 

Need your tags printed?
We have a prompt and dependable thermal printing service. Click Here!

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