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Unit 2, 10 Kam Close
Morisset Industrial Park NSW 2264,


All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

POS Plant Carousel

POS Plant Carousel


POS Plant Carousel


POS Plant Carousels

High impact revolving retail display stands
High volume plant display in just 1.2 sq. mtrs.
With retail space at a premium in many garden centres the new Plant Carousel really earns it keep.
Just 1.2 square metres of floor space is all it takes to display 150 + 100ml pots.

The Plant Carousel is a real show off!  

The Carousels show off plants to full advantage. The size and shape of the Carousel produces spectacular displays, a draw card for consumers. 
Tiers can be easily turned, even when fully loaded. All pots are within easy reach.

Good looking and adaptable

These handsome stands are all 304 polished stainless steel, guaranteeing their good looks forever. 
Highly adaptable, the tiers are removable and height adjustable. They come complete with their own A4 Sign Holder.

Wheeled versions are available, as are tiers for different size pots
Height:  1.6mtrs
Price on application

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