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Unit 2, 10 Kam Close
Morisset Industrial Park NSW 2264,


All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

About Us


An all Australian, family-owned business, TyTags has been supplying printers, labels and tags to the horticultural industry for 40 years.

“Today three generations of the family work in the business” said Charles Sweeney who started to think about making a better plant tag in the 70’s after discovering ineffective cardboard labels being used by a local nursery.

“I had been working on the Australian Meat Classification project and had designed the tough labels required to go on the carcasses. So I thought I knew a bit about tags. 

It was the early days for computers, so my challenge was to get labelling for plants and computer technology together. Guess we are still doing that, still pushing the technologies to drive our continued product and systems development.

“We all are involved and do nearly everything in house; software development, technical support, design, sales and marketing as well as tag and label die-cutting. 

We are blessed to have most of the skills we require within the family group. It allows us to develop product effectively and efficiently and to respond to customers’ special needs quickly.

“I don’t know how she does it, but Suzie our office manager keeps us all on track. We bless her for that every day. 

“For many years I had a dream of being able to give nursery people the ability to print their own long-lasting labels and tags in full colour. We researched and experimented with every new technology that came along. Finally we were able to do it and after a 3 year development period we launched the TyTags DIY solution in 2007. TyTags DIY is now available in several editions tailored to suit different sections of the horticultural industry.

“TyTags DIY Retailer Edition was launched by Debra Templar at Green Expo, Sydney in 2011 where it won Gold for best Non Green- life product. Winning this Nursery and Garden Industry Award was hugely rewarding and a great honour. Three generations of the Sweeney family had worked for over a year to develop this suite of  products for Garden Retailers.

“Leonie authored the book Sign DeSign. She had worked in an executive role within a large publishing company for 33 years before retiring a number of years ago.  Her experience in both publishing and marketing is now applied to the family business.

“Joseph, better known in the horticultural industry as Doc Green Geek, has been actively involved in the family business since an early age. Today he works as an IT Adviser with the Australian firm Intelligent Business Research Services as well as continuing to provide all software development and technical services for TyTags.

“Kascha is a talented young graphic artist specialising in the field of animation and digital design. Kascha created the 320 signs and banners that populate the TyTags DIY Retailer Edition software, as well as designed Sign DeSign.

“When the group decided they wanted smart new sign holders to complete the DIY Retailer product, I designed and manufactured the new multi-award winning POS sign holders.

“Our latest innovation is the DIY Online Labelling. This state of the art web-based label creation and printing service was awarded Silver at the 2015 NGINA Fusion Awards.

“People ask me when I‘m going to retire. I tell them I’m having too much fun to contemplate it. And people in the nursery industry are wonderful. We enjoy supporting them. I’ll be around for a while yet!”

Charles Sweeney, TyTags Australia Director