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Unit 2, 10 Kam Close
Morisset Industrial Park NSW 2264,


All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

Laser Printable Signage Sheets

Waterproof. Long-lasting. Very economical.

TyTags has developed a range of simple, cost effective, signage products that take advantage of your ability to print your own signs as and when you need.

The product range consists of A4 and A3 laser printable sheets, self-adhesive sheets, banners and signage boards. The products can be used with TyTags' POS Sign Holders.

The signage sheets, self-adhesive sheets, banners and boards are completely waterproof. They can withstand harsh environments and punishing applications. Thermally stable, the product can withstand extreme cold and temperatures up to 200c. They are UV resistant, insect proof, resistant to most chemicals and are food safe.

Because of the thickness of our laser printable product it is best printed on single pass, straight through feed colour or mono laser printers. For best print results we recommend a range of the powerful and robust Digital Colour Printers by OKI Printing Solutions. Ask us for advice on model choice and privileged purchasing.

Professional long-lasting signs can be achieved instantly and very economically.


Unleash the power of your own instant signage.

Build sales with the power of instant custom signage. Check out our award-winning, signage creation support materials. 

1) TyTags DIY Retailer Edition design software.

2) DIY Sign Design

3) POS Sign and Banner Holders


TyTags Print Services

Prefer us to design and print your signs?  We have professional in-house designers who make it their business to give our customers the best possible service and stunning results.

Signage Sheets, A3


Signage Sheets, A3


TEL: 02 49705842

  • Code: LL-SG-A3-7mil
  • Sheet size: 420 x 297 mm
  • Sheet thickness: .210mm
  • Contains: 25 signs per pack. (Call us for 50 sheet economy packs)

Laser printable, water proof, tough

Our special signage sheets are laser printable and designed to be used in the harsh outdoors. Special coatings on the sheets ensure lasting vibrant printed colour.

The Signage Sheets are colourfast, waterproof and UV resistant. They are tear proof, heat and freeze proof and food safe. They are typically used in nursery, horticultural, food and industrial environments.

Print your own signs as and when you need. 

The Signage product range consists of Signage Sheets and Banners, Self-adhesive Sheets and Signage Boards. These come in A3, A4 and A5 sizes and, used with our POS Sign Holders, give you economical, professional looking signage instantly.

Because of the thickness of the Signage Sheets, they are best printed on single pass, straight through feed, colour or mono laser printers. TyTags recommends certain models from OKI Printing Solutions. Call us for advice and privileged pricing.

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