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All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

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All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

Tags, label and signage products from TyTags Australia are water-proof, thermally stable, UV resistant, insect proof, frost/freeze proof, chemical and grease resistant, and food safe. 

The TyTags product range is extensive, providing whole solutions for tagging, labelling and POS signage where conditions are wet, harsh or outdoors.

With 40 years in the business, TyTags Australia is the pioneer of computerized, self-tying plant labels and tagging systems now used in agricultural, horticultural, food, mechanical and electrical industries. 

Tags and Labels

TyTags tags and labels are provided on rolls or pre-cut sheets and are designed for dot matrix, thermal or laser printing. Economically priced and easy to use, the tags and labels are the ideal plant labelling solution for wholesale and retail nurseries, tube stock growers, horticulture and agricultural products, food industries, forestry, research, marine,  mining, automotive, electrical, machinery and plant equipment maintenance and more. 

Plant Label and Signage Printing Solutions

The TyTags DIY range of products provide complete tag, label and signage solutions for propagator, production, specialty and retail nurseries. Smart software, designed for the specific needs of the various nursery types, allows for the design and printing of the wide variety of tags, labels and signage.


TyTags is an experienced user of both laser and thermal printers. We recommend and supply only those brands and models that we have proven over the years to be robust and reliable. Full support and training is provided.


Unleash the power of on-the-spot signage design and printing. The TyTags solution provides over 300 ready-made templates for A4 and A3 signs and banners. Waterproof sign sheets and banners are available at economical pricing. 

POS Sign and Banner Holders

TyTags has developed a smart, new, high quality POS Sign and Banner Holder system suited to outdoor and wet areas. Manufactured by TyTags in Australia, the multifunctional A3, A4 and A5 sign and banner holders are designed to be used in plant nurseries, food retail, cafes etc. The holders are made from 304 marine grade stainless steel and high quality, precision moulded, European UV-stable plastic.