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All-weather labels, tags and signage. 
Water-proof. Long-lasting.

Office Productivity Tools

Green Geek

Dr Joseph Sweeney has a long history in horticultural labelling, barcode and supply chain management.  He has worked extensively with both public and private sector organisations on a broad range of technology initiatives, including electronic document interchange (EDI), the Greater China region’s adoption of EAN barcodes and product identification numbers, e-commerce, software design and project management.

Since working on the development of TyTags’ initial labelling solutions more than 30 years ago, Joseph has been actively involved in supply chain management issues throughout the Asia Pacific and Australasian region.  Most recently, he spearheaded the development of Australia’s first just-in-time colour digital labelling solution for horticulture and environmental uses.

Better known in horticultural circles as the Green Geek, Joseph writes a monthly article published in Hort Journal Australia  identifying and demystifying  IT from the perspective of growers and nursery managers.

In addition to his role within the family business, Joseph is also an advisor with Intelligent Business Research Services, the largest independent Australian technology advisory and research firm. At IBRS, he guides clients in the planning, selection and deployment of new technologies.


Office Productivity Tools

Kascha Sweeney

Every successful business starts with organized and religious documentation. We have come a long way from pen and paper and now, almost all businesses have integrated an Office Productivity Suite into their day to day operations. These applications have become so critical to running a business that choosing the right one is a key factor in building a startup.

There are very important processes critical to ALL businesses, and these should be included in the Office Productivity Suite you are planning to get. Lets have a look at some:

Word Processing - at its very basic form, word processing is just the ability to enter and change text - the way you’d use pen and paper. However, this application also has the ability to check spelling and grammar, find the synonym and meaning of words, indicate word count and page number, generate indices of keywords along with their page numbers, create tables with titles and page numbers, and number footnotes among others. You can even email in batches using a letter template and an address database through “mail merging” (more on that later).

Email - in the days before 1993, the proper term for this is Electronic Mail since messages are exchanged digitally over computer networks. Now, we do away with formalities and just call it: Email. As mentioned earlier, you can use this in tandem with word processing application to send out letters or messages in bulk. This is most useful when you want to let a lot of other people know about your business or your products. It is the gist of Email Marketing.

Spreadsheets - it is a powerful computing tool that organizes data into a table or a series of tables and lets you analyze the data you have using a number of commands available in the program. It’s just like an accounting worksheet but with super-powers. These sheets have built in mathematical functions, financial and statistical operations, and conditional expressions. It can even convert text to numbers and vice versa.

Presentation - more presentable than flip charts and more convenient than drawing boards, this program is useful for displaying or showing data using slides. Slides can contain texts, graphic images or both and is used to present ideas and information.